Welcome to CCI's Free Kick Tipping Competition 2017


The Winners of the 2017 CCI Free Kick Tipping Competition are....

NRL Final Winners -

1st Prize of $1,000 Lou Youssef

2nd Prize of $500 Phillip Fiumara

3rd Prize of $250 Grant Mulligan

Wooden Spoon Winner of $100 Rob Unsworth

Congratulations to our weekly winner!

NRL Round 26

Gaye Mulligan, with a score of 8 and the lowest overall margin!

Join the AFL & NRL Free Kick Tipping Competition and test your skills

The Free Kick competition is open to all our clients, their friends and family.

It’s easy!

All you need to do is register and enter your tips. CCI will do the rest, including calculating winners, margins and ladders. We'll e-mail your results each week.

If you were a registered member of the competition last year, you do not need to reregister. Go to the login page to reactivate your account.

Great Prizes

If you're one of the lucky top tippers, you could win weekly prizes of $50* with great end of season prizes for the top tippers:-

1st Prize $1000 $1000
2nd Prize $500 $500
3rd Prize $250 $250
Wooden Spoon $100 $100

* refer to our terms and conditions